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Student Showcase

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Our students work hard building their strength, and gaining confidence in themselves to be able to learn new skills. We want to give them the opportunity to show their families what they’ve learned.

Every December we host our Winter Showcase and Each August we host our Summer Showcase. 

Each child will receive something special at the end of their showcase!

Only $3 per guest

You can enrol your child or children into a Showcase online below.

Or contact customer service 604 528 9988

All children participating and children under 3 years of age are free. Children must be actively enrolled in a class at the time of the Showcase to participate. 
Click the button below to open our events calendar. Once open Click on the Showcase Name to register online.
Click Here to open our Events Calendar & Register Online

Registration for our Winter Showcase 2016  will close on Thursday December 1 2016