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danceWouldn’t things be better if kids got out and exercised? Gymnastics and Dance are some of the most comprehensive lifestyle exercise programs available to children. The benefits are numerous, including increased muscle strength, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, balance, coordination, and agility. Gymnastics and dance classes are a great way to gain socialization skills, learn how to set goals, and gain an awareness for leading a healthy lifestyle. These perks not only help kids stay healthy, but they can be applied to other sports and to life in general. How can you beat that?

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My child loves coming to classes each week. It is the activity he looks forward to most in his week. – Rachel Hess

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Our program has been designed for parent/caregiver and baby to grow and bond together in a fun, safe environment through physical and sensory stimulation. The more mobile a child becomes, the more they expand their knowledge through tactile, vestibular, proprioceptive, visual and auditory senses.

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5 Years and Under

Our LeapFrog Program enhances motor development and offers an intimate, age appropriate movement experience. Each week includes musical adventures, large and fine motor activities, multi-sensorial stimulation, and games. Give your child a wonderfully enriched experience to learn and grow from.

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Boys & Girls Ages 6 Years +

Our GymFit & Youth Programs are non-competitive fitness based gymnastics. A fun way to cross-train and stay fit and build a great fitness foundation for life. Boys and girls can join at anytime and learn at their own pace.

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Little Movers Dance Program was created to bring together Kerrigan Children’s Centre’s philosophy of non-competitive movement education with our love for music and dance.

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