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Why Baby Movement Education?

Our program has been designed for parent/caregiver and baby to grow and bond together in a fun, safe environment through physical and sensory stimulation. The more mobile a child becomes, the more they expand their knowledge through tactile, vestibular, proprioceptive, visual and auditory senses. We have two levels of Active Baby for your little ones to “Move” through. Active Baby Early Movement & Active Baby First Steps.

A newborn comes with primitive reflexes for survival; blinking, coughing, sneezing, gagging, yawning, breathing.  Little did we know that these reflexes are providing our children with the first stages of movement exploration.babyheadstand

Isn’t it just a wonderful feeling when your new born grabs onto your finger and just won’t let go!  Did you know that they aren’t grabbing on consciously, its actually a grasp reflex. You place your finger on the palm of their hand and they will grab it. Try to take it away and their grip tightens. Through repetition of these natural reflexes our child’s brain begins to develop neural pathways (relationships) with their surroundings.  Helping them with memory, and learning!

I will never forget walking into my home with my son in his car seat for the first time.  My husband and I looked at each other and said, now what?. When we come across a new parent today we say, relax, you won’t break your baby! -Sara Kerrigan

Read more about Sara Kerrigan and why she created the Active Baby Movement Program.

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I started out in the sport of gymnastics when I was 3 years old and continued at a high performance level until I was 18 years old. I attribute who I am today because of what I learned in the sport of gymnastics. When my husband and I opened Kerrigan Gymnastics Academy ( Now Kerrigan Children’s Centre ) we decided to focus more on child development and use gymnastics as the vessel to teach it. When I say child development I mean social, physical, and physiological.

Having my son go through our programs really opened up my eyes to everything we are actually offering in our classes. I realized that our programs weren’t just teaching children how to go upside down, do rolls, hang on a bar, and walk across a beam. We were also teaching them social skills, coordination, balance, hand eye coordination, and a hand in their future learning abilities.

We became new parents in our second year of business. And like most new parents we realized we’re responsible for what this little person is going to become. When I look back I wish I was more aware that there were a couple of programs around for baby and me to do. A place for me to socialize with other moms and to realize that I was not the only person dealing with fussiness, teething, upset stomach, no sleep, a sudden change when you just thought you got it all figured out. A group of people in the same situation! As a parent we do a lot of sensory activities without even knowing the impact we are actually having on our child’s future.

We currently work with children from walking to 16 years old. My husband and I started to ask ourselves why are we not reaching out to every child. What can we possibly do with a newborn baby though? That’s when I started to educate myself on babies and their development from the day they enter into the world. I’ve looked around at other companies that are offering something similar to the community and did not find much. That’s when I realized that we can add this wonderful program to our children’s centre and be able to reach all ages and help educate the community on the  benefits of movement, especially at an early age. Wouldn’t it be nice to know the who, what, where, when, why and hows of your child’s development and the things you can do to get them ready to learn, and grow!

Sara Kerrigan, creator of Active Baby Movement Education Program


Our first class in Active Baby is Active Baby Early Movement. Classes are 30 minutes long and will take place in our childcare centre or in the main gymnasium depending on the day and time you choose. Parent / Caregiver and baby will explore the world through songs, sensory and movement activities. Parent / Caregivers will learn about movement and the benefits it has on babies brains. This is a wonderful safe environment for caregivers to share experiences and learn with others.      

Only $38 per monthcrawling-baby-boy

Ages 0  to 6 months

30 Minute Class. Prices do not include GST.

Call 604 528 9988 for more information

Active Baby Early Movement Class Times, click “Register” to enroll online


Our second class in Active Baby is Active Baby First Steps. Classes are 30 minutes long and will take place in our childcare centre or in the main gymnasium depending on the day and time you choose. Parent / Caregiver and baby will continue sensory and movement activities but the focus of this class will be on getting baby moving! Baby Yoga and dominate movement patterns are explored. Have a blast helping your child take those ever important first steps in a safe fun educational environment. baby steps first time isolated studio shot

Only $38 per month

Ages 6 months to walking

30 Minute Class. Prices do not include GST.

Call 604 528 9988 for more information

Active Baby First Steps Class Times, click “Register” to enroll online